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Virtual Wellness Tools ⊝ Created by Clinical Psychologists



On-Site Virtual Reality System

Precision Treatment: biofeedback, voice analysis and Virtual Reality allow for enhanced, data-rich treatment options in mental health clinics, hospitals and private practice offices.

Continued-Care Mobile App

Progress Tracking: our mobile app allows for virtual care through biofeedback, voice analysis and VR while connecting officers to therapists via telehealth.

Data Driven Healing for Relapse Prevention and Enhanced Treatment

AI Mental Health Screenings

Quick and simple method of determining whether a patient is experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Diagnostic Health Detection Voice Analysis

We offer Health Detection through Smartphones and medical wearable devices, monitor health remotely through short recorded speech samples and performing deep analysis for mental illness biomarkers.

Virtual Reality for Enhanced Treatment Options

Through the magic of Virtual Reality (VR), AURA eliminates potential barriers for patients who may experience difficulty with imagination or visualization. Immersion in digital 3D environment, simulates real presence through senses and allows therapy response to be tested and tracked.

Ongoing Medication Assessments

AURA tracks your progress and analyses your medications to ensure medications effectiveness and limited side effects. Our tools are designed to evaluate and reduce the risk of medicine hurting the patient while increasing the prescription's efficacy for treatment.

Evidence-Based Mental Health Assessments

AURA's technology integrates critically appraised research results with clinical expertise, and each patient's preferences, beliefs and values.

Biofeedback for Distress and Progress Tracking

Patients learn to control their stress response, by building a visual understanding and becoming aware of their body's impulsive reactions and cravings. Clinicians are able to measure the efficacy of therapeutic techniques to calm physiological arousal.

TeleHealth for On-the-Go Care

AURA's mobile telehealth platform is more than just video calls with your doctor. Door-to-door care is easy and accessible to all with 24/7 monitoring for continued support, access to on-going virtual treatment options, gamified therapies and daily routine check-in's through AURA's Guardian System.

Relapse Risk Detection and Management

We implement high level intervention strategies for reducing the likelihood and severity of relapse following the cessation or reduction of problematic behaviors detected by the AURA Guardian System.