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Client Reviews

We're dedicated to reforming mental health, shifting from one-size-fits-all execution to an individualized patient-centered method of treatment using data to guide therapy. Our talented team of experts works hard to help mental health professionals make the most out of their time with each patient.

The system isn't complicated. I like that it can be programmed accordingly and made to fit specific needs of the patients. The potential of the system seems endless. I see it being something every household would eventually have once...
Erik, Battalion Case Manager, Nevada
I think it will be a great addition to helping our veterans and first responders. I talk with them about therapy starting outside of the room. This tool will help create those scenarios to help patients face situations in a safe environment...
Alana, Battalion Therapist, Nevada
I can see how the patient is feeling. I have data so I know how to best help them so they don't relapse or leave early.
Poco, Therapist, Nevada
I can go off of more than what the patient is saying to me. I think it will really help with short-term and long-term stays.
Jill, Therapist, Nevada
In terms of AURA's Virtual Reality, it's great to use the "stressful" situation, then de-escalate with calming scenarios.
Denise, Clinical Director, Nevada
Graphics, the validity of information. Easy to navigate. Love that it challenges the patient to deal with anxiety in real time and gives clinicians a point to start and where to get the patient to. Awesome tool!
Diana, Therapist, Nevada
I like being able to track client progress, having a new intervention available, being able to incorporate technology into Tx (therapy) which clients already use so much in everyday life.
Sara, Clinical Director, Nevada
I am excited about the benefit of patients having feedback and accountability.
Gina, Therapist (EMDR specialist), Nevada
I really like the ways I can incorporate therapeutic techniques and see actual data in support of interventions.
Ashley, Therapist, Nevada
Using AURA's VR, I love that we can put clients in real-life situations and teach them techniques to navigate real-life.
Nicole, Therapist, Nevada
I enjoyed learning how the stress levels are measured and controlled.
Vashon, Therapist, Nevada
AURA's visualization of the data is a gamechanger. I have guidance to better help my patients get the results they need and meet their recovery goals.
Marco, Therapist, Nevada
AURA's VR is realistic and hands on.
Nikki, Therapist, Nevada
Easy to navigate -- puts you in the event, gives a clear picture of bodies' dis-regulation.
Lynn, Battalion Therapist, Nevada
The Virtual Reality aspect is very real. I was impressed.
Hector, Therapist, Nevada
AURA really brings therapy to life.
Sergio, Therapist, Nevada