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Important Update

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As of late, myself (Lima Jevremovic) and my startup (AURA, a digital health startup focusing on software for mental health) have been subjects of a smear campaign attempting to discredit and defame me and my small business by creating and spreading false and dubious accusations. Spreading these false allegations has garnered widespread attention and financial gain to the woman who fabricated these scandals. Our legal team has attempted to correct the narrative by requesting a retraction of the false statements and this was denied.

In the past, I have generally been inactive on social media--uploading/posting only a few times per year due to my immense workload. However, in an attempt to take back the narrative and mitigate the damage of these rumors to my reputation and startup, I will be taking the time to address all allegations over the next few weeks via YouTube and Instagram.

I have included the complaint in its entirety, which addresses all of the false accusations (the below PDF). Due to the excessive escalation of misinformation and confusion across social media platforms, AURA (a small business with a very small team) has been financially impacted and I do not have the resources to operate the business, support the team and put in the effort to review all allegations for response. With that said, I have temporarily closed our store for the next few weeks as we work to address public concern.

Thank you all for standing by me through this challenging time. I look forward to overcoming these obstacles and getting back to revolutionizing the mental health industry together!


Lima Jevremovic


Open: Complaint and Civil Cover Sheet

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