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The AURA Advantage: Reduce Relapse and Increase Successful Patient Outcomes

Our Mission is Life-Long Recovery; Treatment Centers Make More Money, Insurance Companies Save and Patients Actually Get Better.

Negotiate higher rates with insurers, boost acceptance of Single Case Agreements (SCA) for out-of-network patients and unlock a competitive and financial advantage while standing out to prospective new clients. AURA helps clinicians provide individualized treatment options to fast-track recovery and improve sustained recovery long-term through patient tracking and our telehealth app.

On average, most patients have been self-medicating for 15 years or more before they agree to attend treatment.

On average, most patients have been self-medicating for 15 years or more before they agree to attend treatment; 30 days in residential treatment is not enough to rewire 15 years of cemented behavioral patterns. Unfortunately, in most cases, short terms stays are all that insurance companies will approve—until now.

AURA was designed to enhance every moment in and out of therapy to mitigate the risk of relapse. While on-site, patients have access to Virtual Reality (VR) in treatment treatment to enhance treatment and increase effectiveness. In addition, patients are being monitored during and post treatment through the AURA mobile app that tracks their progress and risk.

Reduce Relapse and Discharge Against Medical Advice (DAMA)

AURA takes mental health into the future and goes beyond patient self-reporting. Our data analytics platform allows clinicians to review patient-reported metrics as well as analytics from biofeedback and voice analysis. This system of care empowers clinicians to track patients at high risk of DAMA, relapse, suicide, self or public harm and intervene before it's too late. AURA is all about data driven healing, patient-centered care and leveraging technology to stay connected. AURA enables mental health professionals to provide scalable, individualized care so that your staff can quickly identify and offer specialized treatment for high risk patients prior to DAMA, relapse or self-harm.

Unlock Single Case Agreements (SCA) and Higher Reimbursement Rates
By demonstrating that your facility has a clinical specialty that is not available with any of the in-network providers (such as AURA's evidence-based Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy [VRET]) and that the treatment you provide will reduce relapse and keep the patient out of the hospital will drastically increase your success rate of SCA approval. In addition, these two factors are extremely important to insurance companies and will allow your facility to secure higher reimbursement rates for care delivered.

Fast-Track Patient Progress
AURA's VR tools help to bring therapeutic experiences from theory to reality and enhance treatment options.

In addition, progress monitoring helps patients get better faster by tracking how patients are feeling pre and post treatment and reporting it to clinicians. AURA's priority data collection platform analysis the information received from multiple streams of data and delivers it in a visually stimulating and easily comprehensible format.