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Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Expansion to Avert Opioids

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Drug Medical Recovery Support Through MR

Opioids Now Kill more Americans than Guns or Breast Cancer​​.

AURA offers Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Recovery Support through Mixed Reality (MR) tools for increased accessibility to continued care and to abate the opioid epidemic using MR as a prospective bridge to long-term, community-based recovery services following retention in treatment and intensive case management.

It is crucial that patients in care induct MAT to avert relapse, stave withdrawal, decrease cravings, and prevent overdose. Patients abstinent from opioids and on MAT are at minimal risk for opioid overdose,. Our community for recovery support utilizing our immersive technology will both expedite and scale the programs needed to combat this epidemic.

"It shouldn't be harder to get help than to get heroin."

- Mathew Kiang; Stanford University Center for Population Health Sciences Researcher

Designed by the Leading Clinical Experts

Our team is backed by the knowledge and experience of the leading clinical psychologists and top health care professionals working together to interlace evidence-based practices with high-quality Mixed Reality simulations. AURA's Mixed Reality Patient Managment Platorm is designed to be complimentary to current treatment and structured to teach coping skills and relapse prevention with easy integration to current clinical practice.